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  1. Are there any known compatibility issues with other software or Word Add-ins

  2. Can I put an item back in my list if I have already reviewed it?

  3. Can I use the mark button to highlight in different colours or is it just yellow?

  4. Coordinator Service failed to start on install

  5. Do I have to run check citations over the whole document?

  6. Do I need an internet connection to run Lexis Draft over my document?

  7. Do people need to type in a User ID and password?

  8. How are the items sorted in the lists e.g. are they by category or by the order they appear in the document?

  9. How do I uninstall it?

  10. How does Lexis Draft find Definitions in my document?

  11. How does Lexis Draft work with metadata strippers ? Will they remove all of my flags and other mark-ups?

  12. How is the Risk Assessment Gauge calculated on the Summary dashboard?

  13. I can't log in - (log includes 407 error from Proxy Server)

  14. I've lost the LexisNexis ribbon

  15. If I add Comments using Lexis Draft will they work with the Review tab in Word?

  16. If I make a change using Lexis Draft will this be picked up by Track Changes?

  17. If I send a document externally will they be able to see what I have reviewed? Will they be able to see flagged items?

  18. If I send my document to someone else will they see the comments I have added using Lexis Draft?

  19. If my definitions are in an external document, can I link this to the document I am proofreading?

  20. Is there any way to stop capitalised terms appearing as ‘Used Not Defined’?

  21. No Citations were found in this document

  22. Protected Documents

  23. We use IP authentication for other LexisNexis products - will it work?

  24. What are the minimum requirements?

  25. What does the IT department need to do?

  26. What if I don't have an IT department?

  27. What is the difference between an item marked for ‘Attention’, ‘Informational’ and the items which have no symbol next to them?

  28. What is the install process?

  29. When using Check Citations do I have to use the full name of the legislation or can I just write the citation?

  30. Will everyone see the same buttons?

  31. Will it work in my Citrix / Terminal services environment?

  32. Will it work on a Mac?

  33. Will the Microsoft Document Inspector remove the hidden data from my document e.g. reviewed items, flags, comments etc.?

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