I can't log in - (log includes 407 error from Proxy Server)

If you are unable to log in and you're sure your LexisNexis ID and password are correct then please contact us for help or refer your IT team to the information below:

Check the log file found in:
Open the file in a text editor (eg notepad) and scroll to the bottom. If you see the error:
 407 Proxy Authentication required
then it is likely that your firm or organisation has a proxy server which requires authentication. The settings will need to be configured in LexisDraft.

Please ask your IT team to contact us or refer them to the information below:

RegKey nameTypeValuenotes
ProxyNetworkCredentialsREG_SZ[must be a blank, empty registry entry and not a 0]
ProxyUrlREG_SZhttp://[proxy.address:port]this should be your proxy server prefixed http://

This can be set at install time in the command line by using the following parameters:

For further information please contact us on 0845 370 1234

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