I've lost the LexisNexis ribbon

Sometimes when Word is restarted after being terminated unexpectedly, the Lexis Draft add-in may become disabled and you will no longer see the button on the Home screen, or the LexisNexis ribbon at the top of the screen.

To get it back, you can follow these simple steps: 
  • Open Word;
  • Click File, Options and then Add-ins;
  • At the bottom of the screen, from the Manage” drop-down, select Disabled Add-ins and click Go;
  • If Lexis Draft is shown, select it and click Enable and then Close;
  • From the Manage drop-down again, now select COM Add-ins and click Go;
  • Make sure that Lexis®Draft is ticked and click OK.
This will load the add-in within a few seconds. 

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