How does Lexis Draft work with metadata strippers ? Will they remove all of my flags and other mark-ups?

In earlier versions (v3 and before), Lexis Draft specific proofreading marks (for e.g. flags) would be stripped out by metadata strippers. This meant that if you create a document and strip the metadata from it, anything of these marks you had added will be removed, protecting your confidentiality. It would be wise to only do this stripping activity after you have finished with proofreading activities on your document.

In later versions of Lexis Draft (v4 onwards), proofreading marks are stored differently in your document.  To remove these, follow these simple steps: 
  1. Open the document, navigate to the LexisNexis ribbon and click the Summary button;
  2. Click on any tile or on Risk Assessment;
  3. Once on any result list, click the Hamburger button ();
  4. Click on Clear Flagged, Reviewed Items.
This will remove the flagged and reviewed items from the document. 


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