What are the minimum requirements?

Lexis Draft is certified for:
 Windows 7 or above and Microsoft Word 2010 (32 bit) or later.

You'll also need .NET 4.6 Full Profile (minimum) and Microsoft VSTO 2010 although often these will already be installed as standard.
They are included as part of the installation process or 
If needed they can be obtained directly from Microsoft:
.NET4.6 full profile
VSTO 2010 (v 10.0.60724  or later)

MS Word needs to be configured to allow .NET Programmability Support. More information on how to configure this can be found on the Microsoft Office support site.

Document analysis takes place on the client PC, however this processing can optionally be located on an application server. For more details on this option please contact us.

In certain circumstances Lexis Draft can also be run on earlier operating systems, please contact us for more details.

Lexis Draft does not currently run on Microsoft Word 64 bit

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